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Organic Man Coffee Trike & Roaster 

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Our Story 

In 2016 our dream of opening the doors to our community became real and the beginning of our story began writing itself. We realized the need to transition into a healthier life style by focusing only on organic ingredients to develop a product we would be proud of.

Organic Man Coffee Trike feels pride in using only freshly roasted organic coffee beans from several regions around the world. Our coffee beans are from selected fair-trade farms and certified non-GMO.

Our perfect roast and brewing methods allow for a wide selection of items in our menu. From the espresso machine, to the traditional drip method, Mexican clay pot, French-press, Turkish, pour-over or syphon, we work from scratch, one cup at a time.

Give yourself a moment to indulge in the coffee bar experience knowing that there is one perfect coffee for every moment of the day.

Take a batch of freshly roasted organic coffee beans and travel the world one coffee at a time ...


Julio & Martha

Travel the world, one cup at a time ...


Laredo's first coffee roaster brings you a variety of organic Arabica coffee beans from selected fair-trade farms around the world. 

Our selection and roasting method allows you to indulge in the coffee tasting experience. 

Choose your favorite brewing method while we take care of the rest! 

Select from our freshly roasted coffee bean  availability. 

Why organic? 

Knowing that conventional coffee is grown using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticide, we were determined to bring to our clients a much cleaner and healthier option.  By doing so, we help protect the land and natural resources and most importantly, farmers around the world.  
 Besides, there is nothing better than knowing that in choosing organic coffee, you help combat climate change while you enjoy coffee that is richer in antioxidants. 

Visit our coffee bar and experience our espresso-based drinks!

Hot Drinks 
Americano, Red Eye, Black Eye 
Cuban-style  Cortadito
&  Cafe con Leche 
Mexican-style  Cafe de Olla 
Italian Latte, Cappuccino , Macchiatto  & Shakerato 
Indian Chai Latte/ Dirty Chai Latte
Dutch ChocoNut/ Dirty ChocoNut
Turkish Style 
Japanese Vanilla Matcha Latte
Vietnamese Style 
French Cafe Au Lait
Spanish Cortado 
&  more!! 

Cold Drinks 

Iced Teas
Draft Latte

& more! 



Skip the line, place your order for PICK UP and pay online! 

Espresso Bar & Roastery:
4501 McPherson Suite 5

Laredo, Texas 78041

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